Virginia Primary — Why you should NOT vote for Mike Huckabee

We have compiled many, many reasons over the past few months why you should not vote for Mike Huckabee on Tuesday.

Here is one of them, that led us to dub him as the Republican Mike Dukakis — “Mike Dukakabee.”

But that is not the only reason. He also:

And this is all just the tip of the iceberg.

Read the rest of the blog for more. Much more.

Mike Huckabee belongs no where near the presidency, not as McCain’s running mate and not even in a cabinet post where he is in the line of succession. He is a big government Republican who just happens to be a social conservative. Some label this as being a “Christian Socialist.” Whatever you want to call it, it is NOT what any Reagan conservative should want this party to become.

So, on Tuesday, vote for John McCain. Vote for Ron Paul. Vote for one of the candidates who has already dropped out. But by no means vote for Mike Huckabee.


3 Responses to Virginia Primary — Why you should NOT vote for Mike Huckabee

  1. Jay Rogers says:

    All these seem kind of trite. When we go down the list, there isn’t one that isn’t a partial truth exaggerated or distorted in some way.

    Even if all this were true to the letter (which it is not) if this is the WORST that Hukabee has done, then compared to other politicians, this is SO trite.

    He left the Republican Party in shambles? That’s complete nonsense. Huckabee was the first Republican governor of AR in 15 years and only the third in over a hundred years. He opposed the Clintonistas and won. Republicans gained some ground while Huckabee was in office, but they were still the minority party before and after he left.

    He raised a lot of money and campaigned for GOP candidates up and down the ballot; he gave from his own political action committee to GOP candidates. He appointed many Republicans to boards and commissions. This has created a strong network of individuals who will run for office in the future under the Republican banner.

    He did give to some CONSERVATIVE pro-life Democrats money in the primaries when there were no Republicans running in the general election. To this I say: Good for him! It shows that his principles are more important than party loyalty.

    Some would like to have seen Arkansas convert to a Republican state, but those angry at Huckabee for not delivering this are just sniping at him out of their frustration.

    Huckabee has explained the Constitution quote. He’s pledged to appoint constructionist judges.

    The FDR/Churchill misquote gaffe was made in a fund raising email circulated by Huckabee supporters, not Huckabee himself.

    He said wants us to be free from foreign oil consumption in ten years. So what else is new? We all do.

    He has a B.A. in Biblical Studies and studied theology for three years at the graduate level and is a few credits shy of an M.A. Technically it’s a degree in “Bible” — and included theology, but it’s not a “theology” degree. It’s like saying I have a “social science” degree when I have a degree in “psychology.” It’s a fine overly literal distinction.

    A totla number of ZERO illegal aliens in the entire state got tuition breaks under Huckabee. His proposal was defeated by the Democrats. Under Huckabee’s plan, CHILDREN of illegal aliens would have had to sign an affadavit saying they would apply for legal citizenship and were eligible only after they had acheived a certain grade point average in high school for three years.

    All the accusations have a tinge of truth, but are more trite than what we could say about John McCain’s character and his record.

    There’s ONE viable presidential choice for conservatives left standing — Mike Huckabee.

  2. vernie says:

    Go mike the only one that can beat the democrats

  3. Ruth says:

    Mike Huckabee IS a good man. Please vote for Mike Huckabee if your state has not voted yet!

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