South Carolina rejects Huckabee

The first in the South primary has made Mike Dukakabee 0 for 1 in the one region where he was supposed to dominate.

I would also note that more than 2/3 of the Republican electorate in the state rejected Huckabee.

As the campaign moves on, Huckabee is now back in the second tier, behind McCain and Romney.  Now the second tier isn’t also-ran status, and should the Huckster pull out a win in Florida, he’s an Excedrin-level headache once more.  However, for now, we can truly say South Carolinians followed Jim Bowden’s advice and did their duty.

Thank you, South Carolina!


2 Responses to South Carolina rejects Huckabee

  1. Toad says:

    McCain can only win if he brings in Democrats.

  2. Danny says:

    You realize he won the election on the support of the independents, not the republicans?

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