Dukakabee On The Ropes!!!

From the AP

[F]ormer Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee is taking new steps to save money, including no longer scheduling planes and buses for journalists trying to cover his presidential campaign.

Huckabee said he will continue to campaign in Florida on a shoestring budget, but added that he may pull out of the state before its Jan. 29 Republican primary if his prospects look dim.

. . .

As of Tuesday, the Huckabee campaign stopped arranging planes, vans, meals, hotel reservations and other means of helping national news organizations cover his events. News outlets pay for their travel, but campaigns can lose money if many seats go vacant.

Rumors also abound that Dukakabee campaign staff are going without pay and that layoffs are imminent.

Time to drive a stake through the heart of this big government GOPer’s campaign.

UPDATE:  The rumors have now been confirmed.


One Response to Dukakabee On The Ropes!!!

  1. Toad says:

    Huckabee has been running on a small buget all year becouse he is no like many other Republican candidates that are spending millions of there own money to be elected. He is saving his money untell super Tuesday where he is leading or tied in almost half of the states. This will be the suprise of the year when Huckabee leads after super Tuesday. All the other candidates are going for broke in Florida while the Huckster is looking at the big picture. This is what we need in a president, someone who can see down the road. Go Huck

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