Huckabee’s “vertical politics” – “Democrats up, Republicans down”

David Sanders (Arkansas News Bureau) provides a detailed summary of the Dukakabee Decade in Arkansas. Among the lowlights (emphasis added):

Huckabee’s relationship with the party faithful got off to a rocky start when he retained high-profile agency heads who worked in the Clinton and Tucker administrations.

Despite cutting taxes in his first legislative session, Huckabee also embraced the ARKids First program, which was then the cornerstone of an agenda pushed by an advocacy group started years earlier by Hillary Clinton. Even then, some were concerned that Huckabee’s conservative instincts didn’t stretch beyond social issues.

. . .

In 2001, when conservative Republican lawmakers opposed a higher sales taxes and fees the governor supported, he began calling them “Shiites.”Huckabee’s positions on fiscal policy became indistinguishable from Democrats’ positions. A year later, he openly campaigned against a ballot initiative to remove the sales tax on food and medicine.

. . .

In 2003, Huckabee not only begged lawmakers for new taxes to make up a budget shortfall, but he rebuffed conservatives’ (Republicans and a couple of Democrats) plan to cover the shortfall by tapping one-time money and cutting pork. In 2004, President Bush won re-election, but Huckabee campaigned for some Democrats – even some who had Republican opponents – and Republicans lost state legislative seats for the first time since 1990.

In 2005, a term-limited Huckabee frustrated conservatives when he pushed a bill to give in-state college tuition and scholarships to the children of illegal immigrants. The next year, Democrats swept Republicans in every race for statewide constitutional office and Republicans lost legislative seats for the second consecutive election cycle.

. . .

Under Huckabee: taxes up, government up, Democrats up and Republicans down. In the end, Republicans may prefer Huckabee keep his vertical politics to himself.

I’ve seen some polls that put Dukakabee in the lead in South Carolina.  Those folks need to see this, pronto.


2 Responses to Huckabee’s “vertical politics” – “Democrats up, Republicans down”

  1. […] summer of 1996.  David Sanders has the details on his decade in power (Arkansas News Bureau via Virginia Bloggers Against Mike Huckabee).  Of particular note: In 2001, when conservative Republican lawmakers opposed a higher sales […]

  2. Tim says:

    See this for vertical politics. (Video)

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