Mike, you have no idea what’s coming

I have just heard on Fox News that Mike Huckabee will spend the next five days in New Hampshire.  This isn’t news, of course; Huckabee is hoping to build on the momentum from his big win in Iowa tonight.

Well, let me say this: Mike Huckabee could win New Hampshire, but I wouldn’t bet any money on it.

Now, finally, after weeks of watching his record of tax increase roll off like water off a duck’s back, Huckabee will come face to face with voters who actually care about limited government.

The fact is, economic conservative policies were never popular in Iowa.  When the state was a Republican bastion in the early part of the 20th Century, it was because the Republicans were the big-government party; the isolationist, dovish party.  The Republicans have changed, but Iowa hasn’t.  Thus, for a Republican to win in Iowa, he had to trumpet his social conservative views and hide his economic conservative ones.

Huck had no economic conservative views, so Iowa was relatively easy for him.  One could even say the place was tailor-made for a candidate like Mike Huckabee.

New Hampshire is not.  Republicans in New Hampshire care about taxes and spending; they care about limited government; they care about a governor who said one thing on taxes and did another.

So Congratulations, Governor; you pulled out of the second tier and as such, did very well in a state where you can do well.  Just don’t expect the same reception in New Hampshire.


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