Huck won’t buy the cow, but wants the milk for free

The Huckster tried to pull a fast one – unleashing an anti-Romney ad on the media but not paying the networks in Iowa or New Hampshire to put it on the air.  Hirons over at Virginia Virtucon gives Dukakbee a good ripping over this:

Why would a candidate for President hold a press conference to say they’re not going to run a television advertisement that has already been produced? 

. . .  

First the press conference was little more than an attempt to get national attention of an ad that would have otherwise been lost in the airwaves.  Pathetic!  Second what should his donors think of this ploy?  Why would anyone be motivated to give this guy any cash now?  He obviously has no clue on how to spend it.

I think there’s one other point Hirons missed.  Huckabee was clearly hoping the “free media” discussion of this ad would get national attention, but with the added bonus that he wouldn’t have to pay for the air time (hence the free-milk-and-a-cow line used in the title).  I’m guessing this would have worked like a charm with much of the Arkansas media (and Arkansas voters), but the national media is far to cynical to fall for this kind of thing – I don’t think it impressed Iowa and New Hampshire voters, either.

Shaun Kenney thinks Huck is actually aiming for the number two slot with John McCain.  As much as I like Shaun, I find that laughable.  Huck can still win in Iowa, which would give him a shot in the arm around the country (although helping McCain take 3rd in Iowa will crush Fred Thompson, thus helping the Huckster in South Carolina, that would be a far more logical explanation, and while Huckabee is a disaster on policy, he is a very shrewd politician).


One Response to Huck won’t buy the cow, but wants the milk for free

  1. Shaun Kenney says:

    Aww come on… everyone’s gotta have their golden parachute!!!

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