Dole slams Huck

I have always believed there were two kinds of people who went to the polls on November 5, 1996: the people who liked Bob Dole, and the people who voted for him.  Needless to say, I was in the latter category.

Twelve years later, though, he’s starting to have some appeal (Stephen F. Hayes at Worldwide Standard):

Perhaps others have called attention to this item from the Des Moines Register‘s David Yepsen. Bob Dole copied the Register on a letter he wrote to Mike Huckabee criticizing the governor’s recent article in Foreign Affairs.

The nugget from Dole:

“As a veteran, I worry about the future security of the good people of Iowa and all other Americans. We are engaged in a global war on terror which will not disappear because you imply a willingness, without any preconditions apparently, to sit down with the enemy. Sure we can all find fault with President Bush and his Administration on policy matters and phases of the Iraq policy. I doubt however Iowans will applaud second guessing more than five years after the agony of 9-11, particularly since you have been either silent or supportive during the interim as far as I can determine.

“The Foreign Affairs piece is a perfect example of 20-20 hindsight, and wishful thinking in most instances. You make knotty foreign policy issues sound so easy if we would just change our ways. I never was a foreign policy expert though I followed it closely for nearly three decades under Democrat and Republican Presidents.

“The great majority of Americans regardless of party, place liberty, freedom and security as top priorities. I’m certain you do too but I am troubled about some of the statements attributed to you in the Foreign Affairs article.”

Attaboy, Bob!


2 Responses to Dole slams Huck

  1. […] of wisdom from Bob Dole The 1996 GOP nominee gives Dukakabee a verbal smackdown: As a veteran, I worry about the future security of the good people of Iowa and all other […]

  2. toad says:

    and we saw how popular Dole was. I love to see Huck slammed by a losser. Go Huck

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