Credit where it’s due

Whatever Dukakabee’s faults (and he still has a bunch of them), anti-Catholicism isn’t one of them (Iowa Independent via Opinionated Catholic):

During an interview at his last campaign stop in Iowa before Christmas, Republican front-runner Mike Huckabee disavowed anti-Catholic comments and teachings made by the senior pastor of a Texas church where he will be speaking on Sunday.

. . .ย John C. Hagee, senior pastor at the church, has told his congregation in the past that the Beast referred to in the Bible is actually the Catholic Church and the so-called Anti-Christ is the Pope.

“I have to say that I don’t agree with those teachings,” Huckabee told the Iowa Independent following a speech in Sheldon. “Several members of my staff are Catholic andย  have marched shoulder to shoulder many times in pro-life marches with people of the Catholic faith.”

Nicely done, Huck; nicely done.


2 Responses to Credit where it’s due

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  2. JH says:

    Thanks for being Fair (insert me appaulding wildly) Thanks again ๐Ÿ™‚

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