Mike Huckabee and his anti-Catholic host

The year is 1884.  James G. Blaine, Republican nominee for President of the United States, is the favorite in what is expected to be the seventh straight GOP presidential win (going back to Lincoln’s first win in 1860).  On October 29, he attends a campaign event in New York City.  He is introduced by Reverend Samuel D. Burchard, who ends his address with these now infamous words:

We are Republicans, and don’t propose to leave our party and identify ourselves with the party whose antecedents have been Rum, Romanism, and Rebellion.

For the historically uninitiated, “Romanism” was the 19th Century insult for Catholicism.  Blaine ignored the Reverend Burchard’s speech, and delivered his own with no comment on Burchard’s slur.  The Democratic press seized the phrase (and Blaine’s lack of disavowal) and spread it to every corner of the country.  Thousands of Catholic New Yorkers abandoned Blaine for the Democratic candidate: Grover Cleveland.  Cleveland went down in history as the only Democrat to win the White House between 1860 and 1910.

Fast forard to 2008.  Mike Huckabee, the man who all but screams “bigot!” to anyone who questions his record as Governor of Arkansas, is just about to share the pulpit (literally) with Reverend John Hagee, a preacher who has a long history of virulent anti-Catholic statements (Catholic League).

I get the feeling Huckabee is about to learn a very painful lesson in religious politics.  Coming from the state with the third lowest percentage of Catholics (Ask a Catholic), he likely doesn’t see followers of the ancient faith as a major constituency.  He will soon learn just how wrong he is.

Of course, Huck could take the time to disassociate himself from Hagee’s anti-Catholic rants; that would be enough for me.  Some Catholics (say, Shaun Kenney and Chris Beer over at Mason Conservative) may not be happy unless the appearance is cancelled.  Either way, if Huckabee does what I expect him to do on this subject (namely, nothing) he will reap the whirlwind.

For years, evangelicals have assumed they were all alone in fighting the lonely fight for social conservatism.  Many (but not all) have been unwilling or unable to notice the millions of Catholics who stood beside them.  Among other things, this has led evangelicals to assume they are stronger than they really are.  However, Huckabee may just give millions of bonafide social conservatives Reason Number 1 to never vote for him – ever.

Tomorrow could be the beginning of the end for Mike Hucakbee.

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3 Responses to Mike Huckabee and his anti-Catholic host

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  2. JH says:

    Hello there
    Huckabee and Catholic Supporter. I will not post the 3 entries I did on this on your anti Buckabee blog :). But over the past few days I posted why to me as a Catholic this is not a big deal. I suppose being a Catholic convert where one has significant family as Seventh Day Adventists helps one put it all in its proper place. Seventh Day Adventist make Hagee look like a lay follower of the Order of St Benedict.

    Anyway I gave my thoughts yesterday and the day before so check it out if you wish.

    Your post is prompting me to think about writing another entry. I think there is perhaps a fatal disconnect going on among people that dont whyunderstand Huckabee going to Hagee’s Church. Besides the whole I support Israel thing. I think it is occuring on a religious , social, Geographical and perhaps even more import ant aneconomic level.

    As I have stated before the last few days I am from a state that has a number of white evanagelical Churches that invite politicans in. Of course the Black Church has always had that here.

    That being said I have escorted Catholic Politicans to some of these Churches that to say the least at times do not give very Catholic friendly sermons.

    I guess it hit me today what people are missing. I follow anti Catholics a good bit. Hagee to be honest has never interested me that much because to be honest his anti Catholic choughts are a sideline to his main project of support of Israel. Even though they are related as to his strange theology.

    ANyway we have gone from a era from where Catholic POliticans are not trusted to where Catholic Politicans are invited to speak to now Catholics saying oh no they don’t pass the theology test don’t go there.

    WHat strikes me is this and I suppose I shall write a post about it and revisit this subject again. I don’t want to offend people of these Churches and again you can’t put them in a box. BUt many places where these doctrines among others are taught the Church is everything. It is the center. I suppose it can compared to what a Catholic Parish was in the 50’s before we all got rich and moved to the Burbs.

    Well again not to say this always the case but if you notice or if you go you will see a whole much of have nots or people really struggling. THey don’t care if the politician is Catholic when they invite them in they just want to hear him and more importantly have him or her listen to them. Many people would be surprised but it is just not social issues being discussed there. People are talking about other struggles.

    I wonder and I thinking this from a Catholic viewpoint and a Catholic politican standpoint because I have seen that in action here as to these Churches. Have we got to the point that we are so secure we don’t go them. Sorry your beliefs are too UN PC. IF you want to talk to me and I listen to you come on down to where I am at.

    I know many people are not thinking about this but I am. Seeing some of these people are these Churches that have invited us to speak and have given Catholic politicians their votes I wonder if if theology test of who politicans can and can not speak to is very right.

    ANywho just some preliminary thoughts. I realize looking at your blog title I shall not be changing your mind. BUt something to ponder 🙂



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