If Dukakabee is this soft on criminals, what will he be like with enemy combatants?

Much has been written already in this spaceabout Mike Dukakabee’s prisoner problem, including some examination of his judgment and how it could affect foreign policy.  There is, however, one aspect that combines all three in terrifying faction – the detention centers at Guantanamo Bay.

Huckabee has already called for the Guantanamo centers to be shut down (Powerline), stating the enemy combatants would go to “a different location.”  However, I have a deeper concern.  Given Huckabee’s history, what would stop a detainee from claiming to have found the Lord and recruiting an Arkansas minister to plead his case?  In Dukakabee’s Arkansas, a minister could do wonders beyond the dreams of any lawyer.

All one would have to do is claim “conversion,” find a pliable minister (the World Council of Churches are full of them), and the next thing you know, there’s one more Taliban/Mahdi Army/Al Qaeda operative out killing Americans, all the while leaving his comrades in stitches with his story about how he hoodwinked the President 0f the United States into setting him free.

This is what we can expect if Mike Huckabee is elected: Jihadis for Jesus.


3 Responses to If Dukakabee is this soft on criminals, what will he be like with enemy combatants?

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  2. […] where it’s due Whatever Dukakabee’s faults (and he still has a bunch of them), anti-Catholicism isn’t one of them (Iowa Independent via Opinionated […]

  3. […] If that wasn’t bad enough, there was his appalling history with granting clemency to hardened criminals, which coud be an even greater problem given the number of enemy combatants we still have in custody.  That reminds me; for those of you upset about McCain’s call to close Guantanamo’s detention center (I also prefer it remain operational), Huckabee also wants it shut down. […]

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