Welcoming two contributors to the group

As you can see on the right-hand column, we have two new contributors here: Riley from Virginia Virtucon and Doug Mataconis from Below the Beltway.  Their blogs are on the Blogroll, which will the de facto home blog list for all our contributors.

I should also mention that – even with just the three of us so far – we represent a fairly broad range within the Republican Party.  One can see that just from our various opinions on the GOP Presidential field (Doug seems partial to Ron Paul; Riley supports Fred Thompson; while my man is Duncan Hunter.  That we can all agree on the danger that Mr. Huckabee presents to the party will, I hope, be a strong message in and of itself.

Of course, we’ll do all we can to add to it here.


2 Responses to Welcoming two contributors to the group

  1. […] Va Bloggers Against Huckabee is growing Two new contributors today. […]

  2. cargosquid says:

    As I’ve posted elsewhere, Huckabee reminds me of Jimmy Carter. Need I say more?

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